British Football Club

  • Training Overview

    Experience playing in a real football team against Russian and international teams with your friends.
  • British Football Club

    British Football Club has been developed from the model of a youth football club in the UK. We run a number different teams based on age so that our children can play more structured football with their friends and develop their football skills and abilities against children of their own age. The children who join British Football Club will have the opportunity to play structured football games against different Russian and international opponents in friendly football matches and football tournaments. Typical training session will consist of:

    • Nutrition/other.
    • Team attacking.
    • Team defending.
    • Posession.
    • Crossing and finishing.
    • Positional play.
    • Set pieces.
    • Ages:
      3-14 Years
    • Format:
      Individual Teams
  • Classes and Locations

    Here's where our classes are taking place and when.
  • Boys and girls aged 3 to 14 welcome, any level of ability. Two hours of training focusing on developing technical ability and playing against other teams.

  • Sessions take place indoors so the correct sports clothing should be worn. This includes the British Football Club kit (shirt, shorts and socks) and football boots (NO METAL STUDS) as well as training shoes and shin pads to prevent any injuries. Please bring a non-fizzy drink and healthy snack.

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    • The training exercises are fun and the coaches are all excellent – very friendly, enthusiastic and relaxed with the children, regardless of their abilities. My son has also participated in a number of the friendly football matches played against Russian football teams and schools. The teams have had a great bond and team spirit, the players have learnt how to play together as a team rather than as individuals and have learnt tactics and game play.

      Peter Schulze
    • My son developed a strong sense of fair play, self-confidence and above all, had an enormous amount of fun while improving his skills.

      Tracy McAdam